Sunday, July 24, 2011


breed or buy, while someone as cute as this could die? 

These two scruffy pups are my first two puppies as a foster mommy. They are sweet, loving, spunky, and they are looking for a forever home. Who wouldn't want to adopt these beauties!?

You all know that I am a dog lover. My dog, Lexi, is my best friend, and I couldn't imagine our family without her. We got Lexi from Puppies and More Rescue three and a half years ago. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Lexington, KY. Ever since that day, I knew I always wanted to do something to help the rest of those sweet pups who may have the same fate Lexi would of have if she wasn't rescued and put in a loving foster home until she found a forever home.

This summer, I decided to become a foster mommy to rescue pups that come into the rescue. I want to help shower them with love, take the best care of them, and help them get over the trauma that I can only imagine they went through. More importantly, I want to make sure they find the best forever home that will be a perfect match! These two sweet terrier mix pups are my first and hopefully not my last. They are playful, outgoing, and lovable. If you want to adopt them, you can find more information here.

I am so extremely against buying pups at a pet store. Just watch this video and I would hope you would feel the same way. Buying a puppy at a pet store is completely ridiculous to me when you could save a life like these gorgeous pups!

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