Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We are all still alive over here. With a teething baby, 2 pups (now 1 lonely pup), and an emergency visit to my hubby's ortho Dr. friend for xrays, we have had a busy, busy two days. 

First, my pups are doing great! They are beyond sweet and good! I have only had to change their papers twice because they go to the bathroom outside when I take them out! Whatever lucky person adopts them will have an easy time housebreaking them! 

instead of potty, this is what they use their papers for! 
So I do have some good news, my sweet buddy Duke is now in his forever home. He left today, and although it was sad, I know he is going to a good, loving home. I am so happy and proud that I played a part in helping him.

The bad news is that my sweet little Duchess is so lonely. She misses her brother. She does love Lexi, and she loves us, but I am sure the separation was hard on her. I am giving her extra love, kisses, and attention. She is still looking for her family, and I hope she finds them soon ;)

She seems pretty comfortable until then.
It has been extremely hot here. Actually, I think it has been extremely hot everywhere! We have been staying inside a lot. It is too hot for Lexi girl and babies outside. Occasionally, we will go outside for an after dinner skinny dip.

Today, I twisted my ankle so badly it brought me to immediate tears. I actually had to have it x-ray'd. Not broken, but hurts like a b*tch! You know, the good old RICE method isn't gonna cut it when I am chasing around Baby Kailyn and my sweet pup. Oh boy, this week will prove to be interesting. I haven't had an ankle sprain in years, but this isn't my first rodeo so I will be okay. It is just frustrating! 

Can you believe July is almost over? My jaw dropped when I noticed the date! Scary Stuff! 

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