Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you and your family had a beautiful day full of love. This Easter was full of love and fun for our family.

Earlier this week, we headed to Duffield's Farm to visit the Easter bunny. Kay was not feeling the Easter bunny love last year. I was skeptical this year, but she was with her buddies so I was hoping she would follow suit. She was a brave soul with Santa this year.

So we bundled up, and we headed out for a chilly, windy hayride. It was supposed to be spring break, but it was cold. My sweet girl loved the hayride so much. She was hanging with her buddies and loving life. The cold didn't bother her one bit.

 She even let me throw her on the Easter bunny's lap. Why do we do this to our kids? At least this is one of the least scary bunnies that I have seen. She let me take a picture then she had her fill.

The Easter bunny. Ridiculous. I wish the Easter bunny bartered a trade for the binkie, but I wasn't quick thinking enough for that. Maybe next time.

Easter morning was a treat. We were up before 8 which is early for us in this house. Kay loved her Easter basket stocked with goodies. A book, a rubber duck, slinky, shovel for her sandbox, Minnie Mouse socks, and some other goodies waited for her along with some hidden eggs.

We had a wonderful day with family eating good food, playing, and celebrating a big engagement! Great

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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