Monday, March 18, 2013


Seriously. Spring is a few days away. Why am I still enjoying freezing rain and sleet? Enough already. It is putting me in a lovely mood. The weather along with the exhaustion coupled with the work load, and I am a happy camper. One. Step. At. A. Time.

Seriously. My (I didn't realize he does everything until he is gone) hubby has been traveling a lot for work, and he will be away three nights this week. Single parenting is no joke. Not to mention that his travels ALWAYS fall on trash day... and it is ALWAYS raining on trash day.

Seriously. Those that have been reading for a bit of time know that my sweet Lexi girl went to heaven after we found a mast cell tumor (that looked like a sore). Now, my Teddy baby boy has this on his foot. I have been nervous so I have been trying to avoid it and hoping it went away. Well, we are going to have a trip to the vet in our VERY near future. Keep your fingers crossed for my boy.

Seriously. My house, my hair, my wardrobe, and everything else is a mess. Like a hot mess.

Seriously. Candy Crush. WTF. 5 lives?  I will not buy a booster for $24.99. I will not buy a booster for $24.99. I will not buy a booster for $24.99.

Seriously. How can my newborn be turning 6 months old tomorrow. This silly face. Oh this sweet little face.

Happy Monday (at least it is almost over)!

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