Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Ahead

Yesterday, I woke up to snow and slush. Today, I woke up to a beautiful, sunny almost 60 degree day. The weather change gave me some extra energy. I had a little hop in my step today. Was it the weather or the day off to spend with my family - who knows?! But I'll take it.

Too bad I used up all that extra energy to clean my house. Womp Womp. One thing is for sure, I won't have any extra energy tomorrow after setting the clocks ahead tonight. Spring is coming.

We did manage to get out and enjoy a morning trip to the overcrowded park. Kay LOVES going to the park. Any time we drive by a random park, she actually asks to go and play and swing. When we drove up to our park entrance, she started squealing. She was so happy. Cabin fever much.

Daddy and Kay played and played. He chased her. He pushed her. He even went hauling ass down the huge spiral slide. All in the name of love. She was pumped. Sprinting around the playground like a pinball bouncing and banging around in a pinball machine.

I laid back clutching my Dunkin Donuts (you know, conserving all of my extra energy I had today) taking the occasional trip up the ladder and down a slide, but I mainly hung out with this chick.

Can you take those beautiful blue eyes? I am obsessed. She just chilled in her stroller while her big sissy played. Every time I looked at her to take a picture she just smiled and smiled and smiled.

So happy.

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  1. Awe great pictures!

    I know I've got no energy this losing an hour is no fun!