Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring has Sprung

We are starting to turn the corner to spring. It is staying lighter a little later. The warmer weather is slowly starting to creep in. I can feel the energy in my bones...unless that was just a week off of work. We had a great few days. This has been such a great week with my family. 

To get ready for the Easter bunny, Kay colored and decorated some Easter eggs. She went to town dumping the eggs in and taking the eggs out. Our eggs look like a million bucks.

What Easter bunny wouldn't be happy with these eggs? 

The past two days, we were able to spend a lot of time outside because the sun was shining. My little girls loved the warm sun. We played, did some yard work, and enjoyed some fresh air. As I weeded the back, Kay tried to build a rock tower on my ankle. 

Gaga just jumped and entertained herself...happy as a clam.

After working in the yard and having a lunch (or staring at our lunch and saying "I don't want to eat), we headed to the park to play. This little girl LOVES the park. She goes crazy when we get there, kicking her feet and squealing with delight. 

Today, we had a serious family fun day. Fresh sand in the sand box, bounce house blown up, after dinner trip for ice cream. Our day was pretty much perfect. 

As I wind down tonight, I am worrying about lesson plans that need to be done. I had such a wonderful week making memories with my family, and I wish every week could be like this. I am having anxiety thinking about being away from girls and the rush of a busy work week.

Leading up to every spring break, I make a million plans to get organized, get ahead in school work, and clean my house. I am not doing it anymore. As this break comes to an end, my house is more of a mess than when we started and my lesson plans are exactly where I left them last Friday, but my heart is full after spending a week snuggling and laughing with my family. This is exactly how it should be.

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