Monday, October 4, 2010

33 weeks (and a half)

I made it to 33 weeks and it seems like time is speeding up instead of slowing down! I am not ready. I am not ready. I am not ready. I just clicked my heels 3 times, but nothing happened so I better get a move on. It is such a blessing to be 33 weeks pregnant with a healthy, growing babe! I am a little shocked at how smooth and easy this pregnancy has been. However, the last two weeks have been a little tough because work is kicking my rear end! 19 first graders can be needy & I need to put on a performance everyday. It is exhausting!

At 33 (and a half) weeks, I ...

* am looking large and in charge! My belly is fully popped and it is almost at capacity. With 7 weeks to go, I am not sure what is going to happen, but I imagine whatever it is, it will not be that comfortable. Oh, and my poor belly button is being stretched to the limit. It is sore, but it still hasn't popped out yet! See for yourself...

* am apparently carrying extremely high! Everyone was amazed at how high my basketball belly was at the shower on Saturday. 

* have stopped feeling our baby girl kick as much. Now, it feels like she is struggling to stretch out and get comfortable. She must feel like her momma. All of a sudden, I will feel a huge hard spot on my belly up by my ribs, like she is trying to break free! I rub the spot and tell her to back off because she has some more waiting to do.

* have been told by both of my doctors that her head is down! I love feeling her little butt stick out on the right side! I love that little rump, and I am sure I will continue to love the rump when I am wiping it and changing diapers non-stop! 

* am feeling very emotional these days. I can cry very easily. I am not sure if it is because of how exhausted I am after a month of non-stop work and play or because of my raging hormones. I would say a combination of both. I am happy to have this coming weekend to myself to prepare all of Baby Kay's things in her room. 

* I CANNOT wait to get her things put away and organized! I am feeling the overwhelming urge to organize and clean, and I have not had any time to do it! It is stressing me out big time! I am so excited for this weekend! Dobbie has already set up her things from the shower, and now I can't wait to spend time putting it away and washing clothes and filling her beautiful new dressers. Oh, and a stop or two to pick up a few last minute things like bottles, lamps, and odds & ends.

* am loving my girl's new onesie! Too bad Lexi doesn't feel the same way! Lexi actually got sick and puked again today. What is wrong with our little doodlebug? She is having so much anxiety and her sister isn't even here yet! I had this made for her at a boutique. I LOVE it! 
Is this the cutest onesie you have ever seen?

* just started feeling tons of pressure in my belly. When I go up the stairs or why I sit down, I feel a lot of pressure. When I lay down at night, I can't get comfortable. I am starting to not be able to sleep because it feels like I am laying on her (even when I lay on my side). 

* can't wait to eat sushi, hoagies, blue cheese galore! I can't wait to have a glass of wine if I want ... heck with the wine...I want to drink 10 ice teas in one day! 

* ugh! I didn't want to say it, but I gained 32 pounds already :(  

Here's to another week of pregnancy! I am grateful to feel great and still be working!

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