Monday, October 25, 2010

A Birth Story

I cannot believe over a week has passed since I gave birth to our little girl. It was the fastest, most exhausting, most perfect week of my life. She is absolutely amazing. I am so excited to finally share how our girl arrived unexpectedly at 35 weeks... 5 weeks early.

It was Thursday night, and Dobbie and I were excited to watch WVU on Thursday night college football. I came home from work that day, more stressed than usual. I had an observation with my principal and parent visitation all looming in the next week. We ate dinner, pasta with a homemade bolognese. I had taken Lexi to play at my mom's that day, and she gave me homemade sauce for dinner! Then, we were relaxing watching The Mountaineers. I fell asleep early at like 9:30 while we were watching the game. I woke up a little after 11 to go to the bathroom. As I stood up and walked to the bathroom, I felt like I peed my pants! Uh oh. I didn't say anything to Dobbie, and I turned the lights on in the bathroom.

Right then, Dobbie knew something was up. He came in the bathroom. He looked at the sweatpants that I was wearing and told me he was calling the doctor. He kept telling me to get dressed. I was so tired and in denial that I just kept trying to go back to bed. I laid back down, and Dr. A. called back. She told us to go to the hospital. The hospital! We didn't have a bag packed or anything. This is when things started getting hectic. I was so tired that I was out of it. You should of seen the random things I threw in a bag to go to the hospital.

As we are on our way, we stopped at a red light. Dobbie asked me if I had my id and wallet. Whoops! We had to turn around and go home because I clearly was not thinking straight. Who leaves to go to the hospital without their purse, id, and insurance card?

We arrived at the hospital, and we were taken into an exam room. Everyone at the hospital was so wonderful. The first nurse we encountered was funny. She informed me that she sees my kind all the time...women in denial!

I had my first internal exam, and I was 3cm dilated already! I wasn't feeling any pain, but I was in shock. I was having a baby 5 weeks early. I started to get a little worried. I was worried about the baby. I wondered if she will be healthy. I was worried about things at home. We really didn't have things ready and in order. Everything from the baby shower was still in bags and piles at home. The worrying didn't last too long because my labor was fast and furious.

Within the next hour and a half, I was in full blown labor. It all happened SO quickly. After we moved to our labor and delivery room, I was in pain. I threw up. Dobbie had plans to go home, and those plans quickly changed. All of a sudden, I was ready to push. Dr. A had arrived. I was so nervous. I had no idea what to expect. The whole night seemed like a blur because everything happened at warp speed. The nurses were laughing and telling me that this was not a typical labor for a first timer. After I had the epidural, I was able to be more comfortable...but not for long.

My last moments before I became a mommy!
After 4 pushes Kailyn Rose was born. Dobbie cut the cord, and they took her to clean her up and check her out.

She was so teeny tiny. I couldn't get a good look at her. I kept asking if she was okay over and over again. Everyone kind of had their backs to me, and it seemed like an eternity. My heart was full of worry because she was so tiny, but I couldn't believe the love that I felt at that moment. When they finally placed her in my arms, the tears came streaming down my face. She changed my life in one instant.

I was only able to hold her for a second. Being 5 weeks early, she weighed 4lbs. 11oz. so they took her to the NICU. She stayed in the NICU the whole time we were in the hospital. She had to be monitored, keep up her own temperature, and her weight had to be watched. Dobbie went to the NICU with her, and he was able to see her get checked in.

The nurses and staff in the NICU were amazing. They took such great care of our peanut. They even blinged out her big girl crib when she was moved into it.

It was the fastest, most unexpected night of my life, but it was the greatest night of my life. People always say that you will never know how a parent loves a child until you become a parent. Words cannot express how much I love my peanut. She has changed my life forever. She is truly a blessing. She is the most beautiful little person I have ever laid eyes on. Over the past week, I am starting to get to know her. I can stare at her, snuggle, her, touch her, and hold her for hours days years. There is nothing on earth that can ever compare to this feeling of being a mommy, and I plan on cherishing every moment. 

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