Thursday, October 14, 2010

35 Weeks

35 weeks pregnant, and I can finally say I feel pregnant all day every day! Up until now, I have had it easy. At times, I would forget that I was pregnant, but not anymore. Your typical pregnancy symptoms are creeping up on me and I think they are here to stay until the end. (you know... having trouble bending over and getting out of bed, constant need to pee, swollen ankles, cramping and stretching in my belly, and a few other unmentionables) 

This has been another hectic week. It has been so hectic and stressful that I took a half day off of work yesterday morning. I slept in a little bit and did some things I have been meaning to do before going to work in the afternoon. 

At 35 weeks, I ...

* had my first eventful Dr. appointment (well actually 34 weeks). On Tuesday evening, Dobbie and I went to the doctor after work. Our Dr. had trouble finding our sweet girl's heartbeat. I wasn't nervous, but I immediately started thinking "hmmm, when was the last time I felt her move?" After she found the heartbeat, it was really low. It was 120 and it has been in the 150s every other time. So, I was put on the baby monitor to monitor Baby Kay's heartbeat. We waited for about 30 minutes. I had to eat a lollipop and drink some water to give my little sweetness a sugar kick. After that, her heartbeat had a spike in acceleration and we were all good. It made us a little nervous because up until this point we have had no issues. 

My friend S and her husband had an appointment at the same time! They went back first. We were still waiting when they came out and off they went to the hospital. S had high blood pressure! They wanted to do some tests, etc. Everything turned out okay, but she is now out of work until little Baby A arrives! Good for you S! You deserve the time to relax and put your swollen feet up!  I know that baby girl will be here before we know it! I cannot wait! The whole thing made me realize that things are starting to happen and Dobbie and I better dedicate this weekend to getting our ducks in a row. We need to put away and organize baby things, do more laundry, and pack a hospital bag. 5 weeks is no time at all! 

* had a baby shower at work from all of my wonderful friends and co-workers! On Tuesday morning (again 34 weeks), we had breakfast, cake, and I was given all kinds of wonderful goodies and a generous gift card for the baby. Thank you so much Tatem family for your generosity! Baby Kay is one loved little girl already! I had to share one little gift that was in one of the gift bags...

I want a pair of these in my size! How adorable? These are perfect for a photo shoot!
* find myself day dreaming about what this little girl will be like. What will she look like? When will she smile? When will she roll over?  I am so interested to learn her personality. What will she like? Will she be curious and carefree or cautious and careful? Will she play sports like her mommy (fingers crossed) and daddy or will she be more artsy and creative? Will she be kind and loving? One thing is for sure...she will know what love is. She is so loved already and I cannot imagine how we will feel when she gets here.

* look like this.

* am looking forward to being home with my baby girl wearing sweatpants everyday. I dislike maternity clothes! They are not flattering and I feel like I wear the same outfit everyday! 

* am looking forward to getting our maternity photos done this weekend! Dobbie and I are getting pictures done by Allyson Crozier and I need some ideas. Anyone have any good ideas? My friend S had her pictures done last weekend and they turned out beautiful! It is so special to document this time (you know, other than shots in my bathroom mirror with my head cut off). Leave me a comment if you have a good idea for some maternity shots! 

* am starting to stress about Halloween. What am I going to be for Halloween at 37 weeks pregnant? I normally would not dress up, but I teach first grade! I need a costume! Maybe I could stop working before then... a girl can dream right?

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