Sunday, October 3, 2010

A New Month...

As a crazy September finally left us, I haven't had a chance to blog. Life seems to be moving at full speed and I want it to slow down so I can enjoy the end of my pregnancy and focus on prepping for this baby. At night, I am too exhausted to blog especially this past week.

Things at work are busy!

Along with work, we had a doctor appointment on Monday night, birthday dinner for my brother on Tuesday, some cleaning up and food shopping on Wednesday, Back to School night Thursday! Busy week and I was exhausted on Friday night. BUT IT DIDN'T MATTER!

I was so excited because my family was throwing a baby shower for me this weekend! My friend Claire was on her way from Syracuse to spend the night and help us celebrate our special day!!! Once she arrived, we went to dinner for Mexican!!! We love Mexican!

Saturday was such a wonderful day! The shower was beautiful and I had an amazing time! I cannot thank everyone enough for everything.  Can you believe I didn't take any pictures? I am so grateful for my friend A because she was able to document the day with beautiful pictures. Please visit her blog here. She wrote such a sweet post of the day.

As I get some pictures sent to me from friends, I will be sure to post them! Stay tuned for more about the shower, being 33 weeks pregnant, and my hopes for October! I have a lovely Sunday planned and blogging is numero uno on my list (after a quick trip to BuyBuy baby)!

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