Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 8 Months

Mid-month has arrived yet again. Every time, I sit down to write this post I am never sure how to start. It seems so cliche to tell you how amazed I am that my newborn is gone, to tell you how fast those 8 months have flown by, and to tell you how sad I am at how my little sweetie is gaining on THE big one...shhhh....don't say it....don't think it... shhhhhh...yes, the first birthday.

But, it is all true. Happy 8 months Baby Kailyn! For an 8 month old, you sure pack a big punch. This is by far my favorite age yet. You are so happy, and you smile and laugh all the time. You are like an unstoppable machine. You crawl around checking everything out, and no one better get in your way! You can throw a tantrum, crocodile tears and all, with the best of them! You interact with your mommy and daddy, and when you flash those two little square pearly whites at us, you can pretty much get your way.

At 8 months, you...

* weigh 16.3 pounds! You just had a sick appointment and I had the nurse help me weigh you in the office. You gained less than 1 pound in over a month. Is that normal? That doesn't seem like a lot, but you are eating like a champ so I guess I shouldn't worry.

* you wear 6-12 month clothing. It is too funny because you have this extra long torso, short legs, and skinny body. I am worried that it is going to be challenging to find clothes that fit you. Either the pant legs are too long, the clothes are too baggy, or they won't button under your tush. For pajamas, you wear size 12 month (Carters)  or  size 12-18 if I could find any pajamas that I actually like. Oh, and shoes...forget it. What a joke! Maybe we can broach this subject again in a month.

*Size 3 diapers are your thing. They did come with our favorite sleep sheep diaper. I don't think Swaddlers Sensitive come in size 4 so I don't know what we will do!

* This week, you started eating your first finger foods! You have had watermelon and banana pieces and Gerber puffs. The pincher grasp you use is the cutest thing I have seen. It is like an automated chop stick opening and closing. You put the food right in your mouth and you are so proud of yourself!

* You have your first diaper rash, and I think that top left tooth is the culprit. Your poor little sore bottom. This is new, uncharted territory for us so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I can't believe you have two teeth, and you are so close to cutting your third!

* will not sit still for a picture! You crawl away quicker than I can click the shutter. Most of pics end up blurry because you are moving so fast! I did manage to get a few pics tonight, but it was a rainy night and the lighting was not great. Your cuteness makes up for it.

* crawl ALL the time. You are so quick! You crawl to your toys, pick them up, and bang them and throw them, and then you continue on your path of destruction. You are learning how to push yourself up into a sitting position from crawling. You can almost do it. When I sit you down, you can sit up by yourself, but you aren't interested in staying there too long because you are constantly on the move. You can pull yourself up to a stand, and you getting stronger and less wobbly every day.

Baby Kailyn, this month marks one of the most anticipated months of my life. I get to be home with you all day everyday. School is ending, and I get to spend your 8 month loving you up and I couldn't be happier. Happy 8 months sweet girl!

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