Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We just came home from 5 days at the shore. We had a blast even though we didn't have perfect weather. We had perfect company and perfect relaxation. We were able to get 3 beach days in, and the other days we shopped, walked, played, and swung! 

This little girl was too small for the swing, but she liked it for her first time.
Look at Lexi getting a chance to wander and sniff!
Daddy's parents have a house in Ocean City, and we are grateful to them for letting us come and go as we please. We were able to kick off the summer with a getaway, and it was much needed. The house is perfect in every way. With seashore paraphernalia everywhere, you instantly feel happy and at ease when you walk through the door. What is it about the shore? The smell of the ocean as you drive in, the sky lit up from the Ferris wheel on the boardwalk, the happy people actually stopping for you to cross the street, and all of the pleasantries exchanged with the dog walkers that you pass. It is such a happy place, and I LOVE it! I think this little cutie likes it too!

Baby Kailyn had a great week. We battled a little bout of constipation, but other than that this baby is a rockstar. She simply adjusts so well to new situations and new surroundings. 

iPhone beach pics!

She is 8 months old now, and she is starting to get a tiny bit shy around strangers. A few times, a woman or a couple would stop us on the beach to look at her and tell us how beautiful she is (of course), and she would hide and bury her face in my chest. So sweet!

iPhone beach pics!
This baby amazed us on our last beach day. She sat in the wet sand, and she actually played. She smiled and touched the sand. She splashed a bit in the water. We even let the water come up and wash over her legs...she loved it. She got so comfortable that she actually started crawling!!! She raked the wet sand with her little fingers and kept feeling the texture. It was amazing to watch her brave a new situation. 

iPhone beach pic!
I am happy to be home. Our time at the shore was fun, but we are tired. After we got home tonight, I put the baby to bed an hour early. I can't wait to cuddle up in my bed with some DVR. I plan on enjoying some lazy days around the house with my little girl this upcoming week. Who knows what we will do?

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