Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pool Party

Last week, we had our first pool party of the year. I hope it was our first of many. After a long day shortened day at work due to the heat, we headed to see some family and friends for a swim party. It was so much fun! Tracy, Jay and their friends have dinner together once a week, and it was nice to be invited because we had some good eats and some good laughs.

This cutie loved it too...

Baby Kailyn went in the hot tub because the water was still a little too chilly, but she loved it! Of course, she was such a good girl. I love taking her to experience new things. It amazes me how much she takes in. She has the cutest, serious face. It is like she studies her new surroundings, and she is starting to hold mommy a little tighter in new situations which makes my heart feel warm.

This little lady is growing up right before our eyes. I am looking forward to this summer to experience more firsts.

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  1. There will be many!!!! Had a GREAT time with all of you!