Thursday, June 30, 2011

Splish Splash!

Boy, did I wish we had a pool yesterday! It was the most beautiful day I have seen in a while. Blue skies, warm sun, light breeze ... I loved every bit of it. It was so amazing that I didn't want to waste it. Baby Kay and I decided to spend the day doing some fun things (after I got rid of the pain in my chest from not being at the beach on a day like this)!

You may remember one of my favorite summer spots from last year- Stella's Farm. Baby Kay and I went to check out the homegrown produce. I practically squealed with delight when I saw the tables of fresh jersey corn! I was hoping for peaches and tomatoes, but I have to wait 2 more weeks for those. It is quite alright because I stocked up on Jersey fresh sweet corn, basil, zucchini, and blueberries.

When we got home we made pesto and delicious zucchini bread! After we whipped up these yummy treats, we took some time to cool off and play outside before nap time. I filled up Lexi's baby pool for Kay. She  is getting so used to the water. She really likes to crawl in it and splash. I tried to lay her down, but she wasn't quite ready for that. I am really looking for a Mommy and Me swim class, but I can't find one anywhere. I know there are infant swim classes... anyone know of one?

After we played, we relaxed a little. For some reason, she is enthralled by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This kid has good taste. Who doesn't love a high pitched mouse with red shorts and big yellow shoes!? I love Mickey and the gang.

All around it was a great day. Exactly what you would expect from a momma and her baby on a nice summer day. I can get used to this, but first I get to have a girl's spa day with Angela!

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