Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angel Wings

This darling little pup got her angel wings today. She went to her "furever" home, and it was very emotional. Sweet Dutchie (now named Rainbow) is going to have a purpose in her life. She is going to a wonderful family that is facing a horrible tragedy. Dutchie's new family lost their little boy this month, and I know that this sweet pup is going to bring this family a tiny amount of joy during a devastating time. I hope that she can put a smile on a face and give a snuggle or a cuddle when one is needed.

My heart goes out to this amazingly strong family.

Throughout this adoption process, I debated keeping this pup. She is so very special. Once her brother left, it was like she was just another member of our family. She fit in so nicely. She was amazing with Baby Kay and she was easily becoming fast friends with Lexi. Lexi was even sharing her toys and bones, and that is saying a lot! Knowing that this pup is needed by this family makes giving her up easier for me. I know this was a match made by someone in heaven. Last night after a bad thunder storm, I took Dutchie a.k.a. Rainbow out to go to the bathroom, and there was a huge double rainbow in the sky. It made me smile.

So, tonight is my first night without the pup, and I am debating taking more pups this weekend! I must be nuts. There are 24 pups coming into the rescue this weekend all from high kill shelters. If you are interested in adopting, check out Puppies and More Rescue.

Baby Kailyn loved playing with her pup. She would take her toys and hold them up in her face. Teasing the dogs.... nice. Kay got some new toys this weekend herself. For the hefty price of $5, she got her own tunnel, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home, Fisher Price Sing Along Stage, 3 books, and a small bead maze. Yard Sale shopping at its best! Insane I know! With a new set of batteries and some elbow grease, these toys are like brand new!!

Baby Kailyn is loving her new toys. We are going to spend the month of August playing with them before "it that must not be named" comes.

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