Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well, I finally have my internet and cable back. Don't worry, I wasn't without thanks to 3G, but I was unable to post to this here little blog.

Hurricane Irene threatened all week. At first, I wasn't paying attention. Daddy started calling me around Wednesday or Thursday saying he was going out to buy flashlights and bottled water. Huh? Why would he need those things I kept thinking to myself. I was out both days with the baby so I was not sitting around watching the news. I had no idea that the forecast was looking so dangerous for all of us on the East Coast.

This was one nasty storm, and it was calling to hit New Jersey late Saturday night. We were planning on going to Ocean City, but those plans were quickly cancelled as all Jersey Shore destinations were evacuated. This is when we started getting worried. On Thursday, I grabbed food at Wegman's with my friend and the store was a mob scene. It seemed like the world was ending. No water anywhere. A cashier in every lane with three or four shoppers patiently waiting with their hurricane essentials. After seeing this, I was getting even more worried.

Daddy and I prepped what little we could. We put away patio furniture and our grill. We took down flags and hanging plants. Finally, we hunkered down together and waited for the storm.

Hurricane Irene brought heavy rains to our area early Saturday evening and they never stopped. It poured with such heavy winds, I was scared. Our backyard looked like a lake within a few hours. We had winds up to 60 mph. It was so loud throughout the night, I could barely sleep. I cannot imagine the fear of a category 4 or 5 hurricane.

The next morning, we awoke to a flooded backyard and some small, fallen branched in the yard. Nothing to worry about, but as I started watching the news, I saw devastation in some surrounding areas.  This storm was no joke, and many people were affected by Irene.

Baby Kay and I stayed inside on Saturday and Sunday to make sure we were safe. There are only a few things to do to keep yourself busy when you are housebound...

Don't pretend your kid never pulled this on you as you turned for one second.

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How many books can she pull off the shelf?
Sorry for the dark, blurry pictures. It was very dark outside because of Irene, and I was rushing to get these red-handed photos. Hey, at least we are all safe and sound.

Keeping everyone that endured Irene's wrath in our prayers.

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  1. We haven't had the toilet paper unrolling yet, but the bookcase deshelving has lead us to put all of my good cookbooks up high in the kitchen and we'll be anchoring the bookcases to the wall to that they don't tip and putting locks on the toilet so that she doesn't fall in or more importantly flush anything down it that would require the expense of a plumber. Looks like K had a good time and was as unphased as R was by the hurricane.