Friday, August 26, 2011

Zoo #2

Continuing my quest to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with my baby girl, I decided to go to the Zoo this week. The weather at the beginning of this week was beautiful. The kind of days you don't want to waste. My friend and I took our sweet baby girls to visit the animals.

We arrived at the Philadelphia Zoo right around lunch time, and we stopped to feed our girls. The zoo was crowded so it was nice we found a nice table to sit down and have lunch. After lunch we stopped to change diapers and then we were on our way!

The girls are starting to take after each other. Look at the matching foot hold poses! They loved strolling along looking at the animals. We saw some lions, tigers, and bears... and giraffes, pink flamingos, monkeys, and apes.

See the tigers wandering in the background?
Kay especially loved the otters!

Addie and her mommy!
As we were wandering through the zoo, I started hearing people on their cell phones saying things like, "I didn't feel it here. Did you feel it?" "They say it started in Virginia." "The animals were acting stir crazy." Finally, we stopped by the bald eagle to check our cell phones, and I had so many messages from my family informing me there was just an earthquake! An earthquake! Can you believe there was an East Coast earthquake and I didn't feel a thing!?!!? I didn't even know it happened until a few hours later!

As I started hearing stories from friends and family, I was so disappointed that I didn't feel anything or see anything out of the ordinary. We were trying to figure out what time it happened so we could think exactly where we were in the Zoo. We were bummed!

Kay's second time at the zoo was just as wonderful as the first, and it was great enjoying it with friends.

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