Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Better Late Then Never

This post is a little delayed, but I have to tell you about the amazing time I had with amazing friends seeing Tim McGraw two weeks ago. Okay, so the post is a lot delayed. What can I say except I am in summer mode!

When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think... of him touching my hand! You will have to keep reading for details.

Here is the man of the hour... now I have to preface this post by saying these pictures were sent to me from a friend of a friend who was sitting right at the stage. So while I had the MOST amazing seats, this person was feeling Tim's sweat drip on him all night!

It was the hottest day of the decade, and we decided to brave the concert. I am sure glad we did because it was the most fun I have had in a long time.  It felt good to give up mommy duty for a night and let loose. I was able to act like a fool, and I felt like my old self for a little while.

Since it was dangerously hot, we decided to go out for dinner before going to the concert. We went to Seasons 52, and we had a yummy dinner. Then, we tailgated for an hour, and it wasn't so bad with a cold beer and a cold, wet rag to put on your neck! Within two minutes I was a sweaty mess so you will not be seeing any pictures of me on this here blog. When I say sweaty mess, I am not joking. My clothes and hair were soaked. It was  THAT hot.

Luke Bryan opened for Tim, and he was Ahhhh Mazing. Have you ever seen him? He is too cute, and you have to see him in his tight jeans. He definitely got the party started. 

Then I almost died, Tim McGraw came in behind us. After he opened with two of my ALL TIME favorite songs (Something Like That and Where The Green Grass Grows), he walked right past us singing on his way to the stage and ....

HE TOUCHED MY HAND! It was like a shake/embrace.

I almost died. I am not kidding. I thought he was going to pass me by, but he didn't...he reached out and touched me. If I didn't die from that then I could have possibly died from the heat under the pavilion. My friend Ang read that at one point it was 130 degrees under there!

We had amazing seats and an amazing time! We were sweating like crazy, dancing like crazy, and singing like crazy. Let's do it again soon girls! 


  1. I had an awesome time....can't wait for you to read my post that I wrote the other night about the concert. I've set it auto post!! :) I can't wait until the next time!!!

  2. I love his music. I'd love to see him live.