Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Months!

Another one bites the dust. My baby girl is another month older and another month closer to her big first birthday. We are now in double digits people. Seriously, how did this happen?

Happy 10 Months to my sweet Kailyn. This little lady has quite the personality. She amazes me everyday with her development. She changes and learns every single day we spend together. I mean look at this child. She is getting to be such a big girl!

At 10 months,

* you wear size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. I am buying you 12-18 for fall, and I hope they fit. I love the fall clothes out now, and I am getting the fall itch. I can't wait to put you in jeans, leggings, and sweet sweaters and snuggly clothes.

* you are in summer mode like mommy! You sleep from 8pm to 7 or 7:30 am! I love sleeping in, and 7:30 feels like sleeping in to me. You take two good naps during the day too.

* you cruise the furniture and stand up holding on all day. Standing looking out the sliding glass door, standing playing with your mirror, standing sticking your hand in the toilet, standing trying to climb the Ottoman to reach a cellphone/ipad/remote. There is nothing you wont stand against. You climb like a little monkey. You have no fear.

* you are sleeping in a crib that is completely lowered. As mentioned above, you climb like crazy. This was a necessity in our household.

* you are one fierce crawler. You zoom so fast around this house. It is now time to lock the cabinets and put the baby gate on the stairs. You open and close, open and close, open and close the cabinets and doors all day long. On your first meeting with the stairs, you climbed to the 4th one! Yikes. You little stinker, you.

* you still only have those sweet two bottom teeth. I would bet money that one of those top ones will be cutting through in the next day or so. You have not been your usual sweet, easy, pleasant self (and that is putting it lightly).

* you are really starting to eat "real" food! Tonight, you had a few small tortellini from a soup I made. You have tried grilled cheese, quesadillas, chicken, homemade meatballs, crackers, cereal bars, veggies, and tons of fruit! You love cherries and watermelon. I am so interested to know...what are you feeding your 10 month olds? How often to they eat baby food vs. "real" food. Do you still puree your food or are you giving small pieces?

* you are too cute for words with your cheesy smile, wispy hair, and dimple.

Happy 10 months sweetie! 2 more months until your BIG day! I am planning something small but special for you!

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  1. We're still doing a mix of purees and solids, but have started giving our little one some foods that we make for dinner. We make it slightly differently since she's still under a year and can't have salt and shouldn't have sugar, but she eats torn up chicken and pasta if we make some for ourselves. I'll be excited when we can move beyond just pasteurized hard cheeses too. One more month and a whole new world of foods open up as we get past the year mark.