Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Product Love

I am seriously loving my Tommee Tippee sippy cups. These Explora Li'l sippee spill proof training cups are amazing. They are great for little hands to hold the handles. They are perfect for training because they have the soft plastic top that Kay loves to chew on. I love them because when I first gave them to her she could get water by just nibbling the top and she didn't have to know how to suck the water out. Although this could pose for a very wet shirt!

They are big enough to clean with just your dish sponge or cloth. I can actually fit my hand inside. I am over using a bottle brush to clean her things. I like fast and easy. These cups are a mommy's best friend. More importantly, she seems to really love them. I have tried numerous cups, and these are the only successful cups that she will drink from.
If you don't like the handles, they do offer the cup without handles.

What products are you loving these days?

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