Sunday, October 9, 2011

Come One, Come All... Come See the Carnival

Step right up, step right up! Come one, Come All! This weekend was a weekend full of fun and birthday parties. Our first party was a carnival party for Angela's daughter Addison. Cue festive carnival music and images of the red and white big top!

We woke up early on Saturday, and we wanted to fuel up for the big day of fun ahead so we headed to the diner. We took our girl in her footy pajamas while we rocked our sweats. It was early, and the diner was practically empty. It was so nice to wake up and have a special breakfast after a long week of work.

Look at those chompers! I love this kid! 
The party started later in the day, so we had a some time to relax. Of course, Kay was so excited about the party that she couldn't sleep!!! She fought her naps tooth and nail. How do they know when you really, really want them to sleep?!? Those are the times when they DON'T sleep! We finally were able to get her to fall asleep an hour before we had to leave.

We got to the party, and everything looked perfect! I didn't expect anything less! Angela really put together an incredible party and left no detail overlooked! The bright colors were so much fun for this carnival.

Face painter

Carnival Games were scattered all over for the kids! 
Amazing Bounce House
Prize bag and Kay is too little so I filled it with candy from the candy buffet!  
So much candy! 

Amazing cupcakes that look like popcorn!
There was hot dogs, sausage and peppers, nachos, and pretzels. There were big top cookies and caramel apples.

There were so many treats that I didn't know where to start! The party was such a great time for kids! We started the day trying to get Kay to get a little face paint. At first, I thought she was going to go along with it.

However, this face says it all.

We managed to get a dot of purple paint on her cheek. That was enough of that. We moved on to the trampoline,  but there were some cuties that got face paint!

Addie and Kay went on their first trampoline together! Addie loved it and just laid down. We kept bouncing it lightly, and she just lounged.

Of course, Kay made a beeline for a getaway! She LOVED it! She loved bouncing, and she loved the carousel bounce house. The girls had so much fun! We had to dodge the big kids running like crazy, but it was so much fun.

There were so many carnival games, and the kids were mesmerized even our little ones! Sand art, ring toss, sandbag toss, darts, fishing for ducks, and I am sure I forgot some.

We loved ring toss.

Okay, maybe we didn't quite play by the rules, but these two girls were winners. Now, drumroll please.......

The girl of the hour... the sweet birthday girl herself!

She looked so cute in her carnival outfit, and she had the sweetest smile on her face all day. I don't know one kid at the party that wasn't smiling all day. It was the perfect party for the perfect little girl. We had such a great time. Thanks for having us, Addison! Happy Birthday Big Girl!

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