Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few Firsts

During this busy week, we were able to fit in a few firsts.

We had our first entire slice of real pizza at a pizza shop on a whim. No diaper bag, no bib, no nothing, but Grams and I stopped anyway after a spontaneous, after work shopping trip for clothes for this sweet girl. She woofed down an entire slice of pizza and drank from a Poland Spring bottle. You go, girl.

Tonight, we had our first big boo-boo. A slip in the tub made for a terrible ending to our night. This little girl screamed and cried. It was the first boo-boo that brought tears to mommy's eyes because I felt so bad for my little girl. I know she was in pain.

Oh sweet baby, feel better soon! I hope it is not a huge black and blue tomorrow! TGIF!

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