Friday, October 21, 2011

My 12 Months Post

Well, I have been dreading this day. The birthday has come and gone, and I still couldn't bring myself to do this post. My last monthly baby post. I can't put it off any girl is 12 months old!

She is an amazingly beautiful, spunky, energetic little girl with a big personality. She is outgoing and social, and I love her to pieces.

At 12 months...

- You babble and talk like crazy. You don't say any true words yet, but you are constantly having a conversation. You screech like an owl when you are excited and you scream like a stinker when your food is gone! You are truly starting to communicate in your own way. I really think you are starting to understand many of things I say to you too.

- You are still a little peanut. You are average height at 29 inches. It puts you in the 47th percentile for height. You weigh 19.5 pounds which shocked the crap out of me because I would have bet money you were over 20 pounds. You are in the 22nd percentile for weight. I love keeping track of your stats. It is the one thing that reminds me of when you were first born and we were so concerned with your weight.

- You wear 12-18 month clothing, and you wear 12 month clothing from Carter's. Your clothes are still baggy on you, but you are slowly but surely going to fill them out. The onesie from this post is a 6 month onesie which just makes me laugh that it still fits you. I love leggings because finding jeans to fit you poses a significant problem. You have shoes! You wear a size 4.5!

- You wear a size 3 diaper, and I am still a Pampers fan all the way.

- You have just cut your 6th tooth this week! You had two come in at once, and you were sluggish and cranky all week. Hang in there sweet girl because we still have a long way to go!

-We have been done with bottles for a while now, and you eat mostly finger food! You are obsessed with grilled cheese, and I am scouring blogs and things for new healthy, kid friendly recipes. Feeding time is not our favorite time around here. Please don't be a picky eater, please don't be a picky eater, please don't be a picky eater. You can drink from a straw and you love drinking from a real cup while we hold it.

-You can walk with mommy or daddy holding your hand and you can walk pushing your car and toys, but you aren't walking alone yet. You really aren't showing any interest in standing alone either.

- You are too cute for words.

Happy 12 months Baby Girl! You are a big girl now!

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