Monday, October 3, 2011

October is Here!

What a wonderful fall weekend it turned out to be. It started off a little shaky. My Wednesday and Thursday pity party turned full on meltdown on Friday night. Remember our special visit from a special friend, we were supposed to return the favor this weekend. Daddy, Kay, and I had planned to head up to Syracuse, NY for the weekend and a little Rutgers vs. Syracuse football game. I was jacked! A little morning tailgating does the mind and body good! Early in the week, Daddy found out he had to work a cadaver lab (yes, you read that right). I was bummed he couldn't go, but I was so excited to see Claire and to spend more time just hanging out and having fun.

That changed quickly as my stressful life week got the best of me. I waited for my sweet baby girl to wake up from her nap Friday afternoon, and we were off. We didn't get very far. Traffic around Philly was so ridiculous that I didn't even get around the city in TWO HOURS! It was horrible. Kailyn was crying and hungry, and I decided to go home. My four and a half hour trip would have been closer to six hours, and I couldn't do that to my baby girl alone in the car. My meltdown became full blown as I cried the whole way down the Schuylkill. Thank god for AMAZING friends like Claire that completely understand. I am already planning a weekend (with my hubby) to visit and make it up to her! October is just going to be one busy, busy month so it might be next month when things when I calm down.

On Saturday, I woke up in my own bed at 8:20 (this little girl is rockin' sleeping in on the weekends), and I felt a little better. I was able to get some rest and relax. I unpacked my weekend bags, and I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee with my little girl. She played her heart out.

After play time, we decided to meet up with Kay's BFF to enjoy a fall afternoon and take my mind off of things. It was exactly what I needed. We walked up to a fall festival in town, and it was great!

We walked and chatted. We spent most of our time and money buying the girls new bows and headbands.

 Okay, okay...give me a break! She had her beautiful new shoes on, but the sun came out, and I thought she was sweating in her stroller with all her clothes so I let her toes breathe! I did get some compliments on her shoes (when she was wearing them) which made me feel a little less pissed that I spent an arm and a leg on them!

It was just the kind of day I needed to put a smile back on my face. I was able to get home to put Kay down for a nap, and I was able to take a nap myself. As much as I wish I was drinking and cheering in the Carrier Dome and spending time with Claire, I am glad I had a great day with a great friend that helped make me feel better!

So I think my pity party is officially over... or maybe just postponed for now.

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