Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Sugar High

The most anticipated moment of the party was the cake smash. I find it mesmerizing and hilarious to watch a baby get the first sweet taste of pure sugar. It is like you can see the blood sugar rising and happiness pouring out of the ears. Baby Kailyn did not disappoint.

As we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, she did nothing but smile!

She hesitated when we finally placed her homemade Elmo cake in front of her. She looked at it suspiciously so I gave her a little help. I put a little bit of icing on her lip, and she was ready to go.

After a few good bites and a bit of a mess, we shut her down. She slowed down at one point and pushed the plate away so I knew I should clean her up and wrap it up. Kailyn ate her cake and smashed it, but she did it like a little lady. My little girl's first sugar rush and she loved it!

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