Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One final birthday celebration

After our big Pop Shop birthday party, we were not done celebrating. Sunday was Addie's birthday, and Daddy and I decided to join Addie's parents, our close friends, for a special birthday celebration for both girls. We headed out to Pennsylvania to explore a new place, Tyler Arboretum. We had never been there, but we heard great things from a friend at work. They were having a pumpkin festival, and it was a gorgeous fall day. We arrived with in the early afternoon with two tired babies. We met our friends, and we decided to have a little birthday celebration before we headed to the festival. We spread out a blanket, and we opened presents and sang "Happy Birthday!"

My friend and my baby girl 

My sweet friend and her family had an entire bag of gifts for Kay. Each gift had a special label about the girl's first year of life together. It was so emotional to open this bag of gifts as we realized our babies are turning into toddlers. It was the sweetest thing ever, and I can't thank them enough! This bag was full of Kay's and Addie's favorite things and there was a special gift for me.

Such a creative, thoughtful idea!
Daddy's favorite gift...Kay's first set of golf clubs
Thanks Addie for all my gifts! I loved them!
Addie opened a few presents from us too, and we were ready to eat birthday cake.

Too bad I forgot any and all utensils or paper products. So after we blew out the candle, we put the cake away. Who does that?!?! I packed a blanket, my new 31 cooler, snacks and drinks, but nothing for the cake! What can I say?

It was our own special first birthday celebration, and it was perfect! Until next time...

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