Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Sunday Funday. Daddy brought me flowers to celebrate the end of my mini-meltdown and he took me for a ride on Sunday. We drove toward the shore to spend the day at Oktoberfest at Renault Winery. 

He knows how much I love all things Oktoberfest especially the FOOD and beer! It looked like rain Sunday morning, but that would never get in the way of me getting my sauerkraut and German franks :) I couldn't believe the temperature dropped so much this weekend, but I love it. We snuggled the family up in sweats and soft Phillies T's and we headed out. I love Oktoberfest at Renault. Every year, they have the same set up with crafts, grape stomping, and food. 

This year was no different. It did drizzle the second we got there, but then the sun came out. Seriously, I ran to get in line to get my lunch. I was drooling as I waited to get my cabbage, buttered noodles, and kielbasa. I know I sound like a freak...say what you will but it was absolutely amazing. 

Looks like slop...tastes like heaven
I am not even going to tell you how I made Daddy get back in line and get more for me because I was too embarrassed! HA! Man, it was a great day.

Baby Kailyn seemed to love people watching. She enjoyed lunch with us.

Daddy walked around holding his little girl for a while, and I love watching them together. He walks so proudly with her and shows her off. 

We watched the grape stompers take off their shoes and squish those grapes between their toes. It was fun to watch the expressions as they took the first step into the cold, wet grapes. "I love Lucy" was there to help everyone get into the groove! Can you see her in the middle of this barrel? 

Kay was into it. She cheered the stompers on! Clap, Clap, Clap! It was another Sunday Funday.

Happy Oktoberfest everyone! It is going to be a great month! 

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