Friday, August 20, 2010

A Room of Her Own

Fall is in the air! It's back to school time, and I have run out of days to relax and unwind. With that in mind,  it is time to get this little girl a room of her own. Why have we not done it yet? Who knows! The time flew by this summer! We have officially started her nursery! It is so exciting. I did my part by moving all of her sweet, precious, little things from one spare bedroom to the other. Hey, at least I helped!

As you can see, her room needs to get painted and furnished so I can organize and put away all of her things! Just looking at all of her things in the spare bedroom makes me feel anxiety and stress. However, when you have men at work, what can you do! 

It will only be until this weekend, and then I will be able to get in there and finally give her things a home! Dobbie and Pop Pop are working hard to give my girl a beautifully sanded and painted room. Not only, are they working on sanding and painting, but they ripped out the old "BT special" closet. They are going to put in a closet organizer for my little peanut.

Men At Work! Look at the pink! It is so bright! I hope we like it when it is all done.

For those of you in the area, USA baby is going out of business. We bought her furniture from there, and the two dressers will be delivered Saturday. Good thing, it gave us the motivation we needed to get that room started and finished! I cannot wait to see the end result! I just can't wait to put it all together with the finishing touches. I am just so nervous about my paint choice! I hope it looks good! 

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