Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Angel in Heaven

An angel went to heaven. A perfectly, beautiful angel that I am sure touched too many lives to count has gone to heaven. In this blogging world, mommies have to stick together, and that is how I came across prayer requests for Kellie. Her sweet daughter Maddie was laid to rest after 4 short months on this earth. Please say a prayer for Kellie and her family.

I have to thank my friend Angela for really pushing me to start blogging. I love blogging, and I love reading blogs, especially mommy blogs. Every now and then you come across a blog that really touches you. You have something in common with this other mommy in cyber space, and you feel a connection. I have never met Kellie, and she probably does not know that I exist, but her story has touched me so deeply. Her Maddie was born one day before my Kay. As I read Kellie's blog, I felt like I was reading my own blog. We had similar excitement, anxieties, and joy. She would write about "sit ups," sleeping through the night, stress of work, and I knew exactly what she was talking about. Kellie is a primary school teacher and she is juggling work, being a mommy, and being a wife. My thoughts and prayers are with this family, and I hope you will keep them in your prayers as well.

Polka Dot Junkie is doing an auction for Maddie on Monday, February 28th at 12 pm cst. Here is the facebook link: Tiny Little Wings Auction

As I put my baby to bed tonight, I rocked her a few minutes longer. I kissed her a few more times. I held her tight, and I realized just how very lucky and blessed I am.

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