Monday, February 21, 2011

Movin' On Up

We are enjoying the last day of our three day weekend. The weather is bad and we are snuggled up on our couch. For as much as I love a beautiful spring or summer day, I equally love a lazy, crappy day to do nothing but watch tv and stay in my robe all day. It is even better with a baby.

We had an eventful weekend. We had dinner at Maggiano's on Saturday good! We had dinner at our mom-mom and poppy's house last night. Now, I am left with the dreaded last day before work to run errands, clean up, cook (ha ha), and go grocery shopping. Fun times... oh yeah, and do some lesson plans.

Baby Kay is movin' on up in the world. We are in size 2 diapers! We are using Level 2 nipples! We are grabbing objects and she even grabbed her toes for the first time! She is a happy baby with the sweetest little giggle. I feel so much excitement when she does something new. It is amazing.

Lately, she has been hanging with me in the kitchen. She just watches me and follows me with her eyes. She loves to sit up high and get a good look at what is going on. She is the best kitchen assistant ever.

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