Tuesday, February 8, 2011


What is it about making progress...moving forward? Feeling accomplished, being successful, achieving goals ... these things have always been motivators for me. I love making progress whether it is a small, tiny task or a huge life commitment. Looking back to see how far you have come is rewarding and it keeps you moving forward.

Here in our household, we are making progress. Dobbie is making progress in his new job. He is working hard, getting a handle on his new responsibilities, and I am truly proud of him. He is accepting this new challenge and tackling it by the horns? Huh? Does that make sense? Anyway, he is jumping right in and he has already made progress with accounts, conversations, and training.

I am making progress. Every morning, I drop Kay off and as I drive off, I don't cry as much. That is progress. Being a working mom is tough. Leaving a baby who smiles at you and squeezes your fingers is heart wrenching. I am making it through. Every day gets easier as I focus on what I need to get done in order to get home to snuggle my peanut. I never truly understood what it meant to have NO time for yourself until now.

I am even making progress at work. Lesson plans are up to date, assessments are completed, organization is underway... I am getting back into a routine. Even if I don't feel like I am making progress (it is a hard thing in the world of education), my little first graders are making progress and that is what matters.

Our baby Kay is making more and more progress every day. She is great at tummy time, and she tucks and rolls over almost every time she is on her belly now! She is getting great at holding up her head and she is attempting to sit up when she is laying on her boppy pillow. It is cute to see her straining and leaning forward. She even grunts like a fat, little munchkin. Even Lexi is making progress in her baby recovery! She has rejoined the ranks of camp Lexi (aka under our bed). She is back to sleeping in our room and spending a lot of time with us while we watch tv. Lexi seems less put out by the baby, and she is starting to show protective behavior like laying near her to watch her.

Kay is turning into such a beautiful baby. Her long, curling eyelashes and her perfect, rosy heart shaped lips ... I can picture them at any time during the day and smile. It is these images that help me keep moving...making progress.

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