Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad in the world! Love you Dad xoxo!

Trying to fit physical therapy into my already jammed packed day was hard, but I am going to therapy 3 times a week. Ever since my skiing "incident," my poor knee has never been the same. All I want is to run, run, run, and I can't! It is more than frustrating.

After the new year, I started back at the gym - every day. It was great. I was on maternity leave so I would take care of the baby all day then hit the gym... perhaps a glimpse at what life would be like as a stay at home mom?!? After a few weeks, I was just starting to feel good. I was just starting to get in the groove. You know that feeling...when you look forward to putting your earplugs in with the latest Katy Perry or Lady Gaga song and crankin up the speed on the treadmill. Well, I was able to enjoy it for all of a day because I had a terrible pain in my knee. A pain so bad that my friends Katy and Pink would have to wait until another day.

Dobbie took me to one his orthopedic friends in Philadelphia. I was so stressed thinking it might be a tear or something left over from my skiing "incident,"but it ended up being bursitis and arthritis. Rehab is the answer. What happened to the good old days at Rutgers when I could hit up Doc Monac for a cortisone shot!!! Now it is rehab for 4 weeks. Who has 4 weeks in their busy lives? I know I don't. With a full time job and a brand new baby...4 weeks does not cut it for me. However, I decided to be a good little patient because if I want to meet my long term goal of a half marathon this summer then I better do it the right way.

So I am finishing up week 2... at least I am half way done. I can't wait to be finished so I can rush home to see my little lady every night!

Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad in the world! Love you Dad xoxo!

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