Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

The smell of sunscreen, coolers and towels, sunglasses and magazines, and this year a first, a sippy cup and the happiest ladybug you have ever seen. Our first beach trip of the year, and this little lady seemed to love it.

An official start of summer. I heard a collective sigh of relief not only from our family, friends, and neighbors, but from every car that passed us that we passed heading down the shore. Dave and I have spent Memorial Day at the beach almost every year that we have been together, but this year was different. This was our first time spending it as a family, and it was amazing.

Since it was the first time, we did need a learning curve because we had a few snafus like forgetting the mattress pad for our pack and play and forgetting a binky to the beach, but we worked it out. First time mom here learning as I go... making mental notes to be sure I don't make the same mistakes twice. Be sure to pack baby's bath necessities when your child will be leathered head to toe in sunscreen and dipped in sand - check. Thank goodness for Rite Aid. Be sure to pack your own necessities like contact solution before packing for your baby & family - check. Oh and figure it out before 11pm because at that hour even Rite Aid can't help you.

Prepping for the beach is one of my favorite times. Everyone is buzzing around the house gathering things and chatting. I love the anticipation of the fun times about to be had by everyone.

Ready and Having Fun Waiting
We were lucky enough to have a perfect beach day. A sunny blue sky, a slight breeze, and a happy baby. She took a nap in her BOB, and that stroller was the star of the day. If you are a beach going family, you need this stroller. It was so easy to push through the sand and it lays back so far that she took a nice long nap!

When she was awake, she was too cute! She didn't cry when we put her toes in the sand. She was mesmerized by the water and waves, but she did not like the FREEZING cold water touching her feet. She moaned a little complaint. No crying though!

Daddy and Me

I meant to say that getting home from the beach is one of my favorite times. I love sitting around in bathing suits or in a diaper (whatever suits you), watching your tan (hopefully not sunburn) start to show up, sitting out on the deck, eating lots of yummy food. We had all of your holiday favorites this weekend macaroni salad, potato salad, and juicy watermelon. We even splurged on Mack and Manco's pizza. A little slice of heaven.

Before my post beach bath
I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. We most certainly did on our little lady's first trip to the beach.

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