Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bowling, Bows, and Beeps

A happy little girl had a fabulous birthday party on Saturday. Her mommy went all out to make it an extra special day for her sweet daughter.

We headed over to Pinsetters to help Kirsten celebrate her 5th birthday! She was so excited when we got there. As her friends arrived, she jumped up and down and danced around. Too cute! The kids were so excited to get bowling. They raced down the steps to pick their balls and get to their lane! Kirsten had so many friends there, and her mommy met them all with a special shirt to wear for the party!

The decorations were adorable! I loved the bowling theme with green, brown, and pink.

Didn't Angela do such a great job with everything? The kids loved it. Bowling, lunch, more bowling, then a song and cake! Daddy, Baby Kay, and I had a great time! It is so exciting to think soon I will be planning for birthday parties for Kay. Our little girl was so good as usual. She checked out the scene, met some new friends, ate her lunch, then took a little snooze on her mommy. It felt so good. She slept with her bow, bib, and all.

My girl went from one pretty bow to the next as we went home and got ready for our overnight trip to the shore. I went home and repacked the diaper bag, packed my bag, and got all of our "stuff" together. For one night at the shore house, our car was jam packed! How is that possible? I was questioning what I am going to do if we ever have a bigger family?!?  Lexi and my little lady were all ready to go and have a great night with our family.

As we reached Somers Point, we immediately felt so relaxed and happy. It was a beautiful day, and people were out and about. When we got there, our family was there. We ordered food and had fun. Baby Kay was loving all the attention, and she was "talking" to everyone.

Lexi loved being there too...until bedtime. I usually don't sleep great at the shore. My allergies has been horrendous so I took a Benadryl before bed. Daddy and I went to bed kind of early, and I was out like a light! It was the first time that I was sound asleep for the whole night and I was loving it. Baby Kay was sleeping so good in her pack and play too! Not a peep from my little munchkin. Until Lexi started wrecking shop... there was a mysterious beeping. Lexi HATES smoke detectors. She goes wild. The smoke alarm must of needed a battery change because it beeped for a while throughout the night, and Lexi was up ALL night wandering around. Finally, she woke up T & J to get someone up. So Daddy & J searched the house in the dark to find the phantom beeping! Poor Lexi was panting and following them around all bent out of shape! The beeping kept getting louder and louder.

After about 20 minutes of fumbling in the dark, they found out that it was the carbon monoxide detector. Thank god for them because none of us would have been able to sleep with that awful high pitched beeping.

In the morning, we were filled up with a yummy homemade breakfast of eggs, bacon, and belgian waffles and plenty of play time.

This weekend made me so excited for the coming months. They are the best months with a lot of plans of spending time with friends and family. I am more thrilled that Baby Kay is such a good girl no matter what we do. She has the nicest disposition and personality. I hope she stays this sweet forever. Being with her and making these memories might make me happier than the sweet birthday girl.

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