Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trophies and Teething

Can you believe it is the middle of May? We are just here plugging along. 

I want to brag on our Daddy for a minute. He is such a wonderful father and husband. Everyone that knows him knows he LOVES golfing. I mean obsessed. He talks about it, watches it, reads about it constantly. He can spew golf stats and scores from The Masters ten years ago. He can tell you shot by shot with detailed precision. Our living room DVR is constantly filled to the max with Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday final round golf. He loves different courses, and he has played so many of the famous courses like TPC Sawgrass, Torrey Pines, and Merion...although not the one that matters. Pine Valley. Someday Daddy, someday.

What many people do not know is that our Daddy is such a good golfer. Seriously, he is like a 7 or 8 handicap, and he rocks. This weekend, he played in a two day tournament in Cape May....

and yes, he came home with the trophy. He shot a final round 76! Holy Cow! Golf Club of NJ Champion! Daddy we are so proud of you! You are so amazing at everything you do. Want to see his winning photo click here? This trophy will go in his collection with all of his others. 

Another big thing happened this weekend. A First Tooth! Baby Kailyn is really having some trouble with her first tooth coming in. The past two days have been rough for Grams. Kay has been cranky and uncomfortable. Tylenol, frozen banana pieces, and frozen teethers are the only things that give her any relief. This poor girl. I feel so badly for her. I am hoping after this first one she gets a little more used to pain because she is not taking it well. 

At night after dinner, I can't even put her down or she cries. She hasn't been crying in the middle of the night so we are lucky, but I know this is taking a toll on her. She wants to go to sleep at 7pm which leaves us with a 5am wake up call, she has red, tired eyes, a bit of an upset belly, and tons of drool. 

Let's hope this tooth finishes coming in, and she gets a break before the next one! 

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