Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Life wouldn't mean anything without important people to share it with. Along with my loving family, I am lucky enough to have many wonderful friends. People I can turn to for anything. I have old friends that I have known for over a decade that would be by my side in an instant if I needed them. I have new friends that I feel like I have known for a decade, and I know they will be a part of my life for many years to come. I hope the same for my daughter. I hope she meets people that will be such an important part of her life and I hope she cherishes her friendships the same way her mommy does.

Baby Kailyn has already starting building her relationships! She has friends. You met some of her best friends already. Another one of Kay's closest friends is Baby Addie. Baby Addie and Kailyn have been friends far before they joined us in this world. Her mommy and I became close as we journeyed through our pregnancies together.

Baby Addie is one day younger than Kay. If you can believe it, her mommy and I were in the hospital at the same time both experiencing the incredible joy of becoming a mommy.

The girls haven't seen each other in quite some time, and we decided to get together last week for dinner. Now that the girls are bigger and exploring their worlds more, it was so interesting to see them interact with each other.

Of course, my little lady crawls right up to Baby Addie and start trying to grab her face. They were too cute for words. They stared at each other, touched each other, and talked to each other. I hope they continue to grow up together and become best friends.

As you can see, their first meeting needed supervision! Baby Addie is one sweet, happy baby girl and I can't wait to see her again!

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