Thursday, August 26, 2010

28 weeks

Wow! 28 weeks... I officially have 3 months to go (12 weeks). I just can't believe that it has been 28 weeks! The time has gone by so fast! At the 28 weeks, I ...
*look like this!!!

She looks more pointy in this picture! Everyone thought I was having a boy because of how I was carrying...whatever that means! 

*am heading back to work. I spent all day yesterday and plan on spending all day today in my classroom setting up. I was dreading it, but once I get some things done I get excited. I love a fresh start and September = fresh start.

*have trouble shaving my legs. I feel bad for Dobbie for the next 3 months.

*have a rock solid belly, and I LOVE watching it move when the baby girl is awake!

*can feel our baby moving everyday. She is a little bugger at night around 10 or 11pm. She must be having a dance party alone in there or she is just as excited as I am to watch reality tv!

* am scheduled to get the dreaded glucose test this week. Fun times... I hope I pass with flying colors.

At 28 weeks, we have the nursery painted in the brightest, cutest pink. Wanna see?

Sweet Taffy with Penelope bedding from Pottery Barn! Where is the crib?!?!?!

We had both of her dressers delivered this weekend, and they look amazing! I haven't done too much more in her room yet because I have to decide on a few things. I really want to get a tree wall decal, but I can't decide on the design or color. Here are some links of some that I really like...if you are interested.

From seller Designed Designer

From Seller NouWall

From Seller Simple Shapes

So I am deciding on a design and I have NO idea what color I want. Oh, and I don't think I would add the animals. I am not a fan of owls and Dudes is NOT a fan of squirrels so both are out of the question. I do like the birds though and they would match her bedding.

Here's to another week of a healthy, happy pregnancy!

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