Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Longer Waiting...

My very first post!!! I am so excited to begin my blogging journey. This blog was a long time coming. I am married to a wonderful man, and in a few short months, I will become a first time mom. Throughout my life, I have waited for the milestones. I was changing careers, going back to school, waiting for what would come next, just waiting to be happy. Then, I met my husband, and everything in life fell into place. Finally, I feel like the waiting is over. I am truly happy. I have a loving, caring husband. We have a spunky, sweet border collie named Lexi. We purchased our first home. I completed my master's degree. I have the teaching job that I hoped for. We have the most important thing of all...a baby girl on the way. So, I can honestly say... all the waiting is over. I already have the "next big thing" and it is called life. Now, it is time to live it...and this blog will help me remember all the good and the bad. I am happy exactly where I am, and I am no longer waiting...

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Patrick Photography


  1. Congratulations girl!! I'm so excited for you. We are now blogging buddies!!!

  2. Here Here! Well said Mommy, I love you!