Sunday, August 22, 2010

The End of Summer

Good morning! It is here. I don't want to say it too loud, but I am afraid we all know what I am talking about. The end of summer has arrived. While the weather may not be cooperating with the adjustment of our mental states, we have begun thinking of fall. Dreaming of reds, golds, oranges, and yellows. Dreaming of pumpkins and beautiful mums. Dreaming of hay bales on your front step (oh wait, I am not allowed to do that this year because of the smelly mess we encountered last year). Dreaming of smelly goodness that comes from a pot of soup or stew and watching football. Summer is coming to a close and nothing signifies this more than going back to school.

Dobbie and I took one last short trip to the shore last night. We just wanted a little time to relax before this crazy week is about to begin. We ended up strolling to the boardwalk (and my intention of cutting back on carbs and sugar was thrown out the window) and just hanging out with Dobbie's wonderful parents. Dudes loved being back at the shore too. She watched people from the balcony and loved it. We didn't spend the night because our to-do list today is a little overwhelming. Plus, I am so uncomfortable at night that Dobbie thought being home in our own bed would do me good!

So, today it begins. We are preparing for the first real signs of fall. We are putting our house back together after a whirlwind of a 24 hour room makeover for our baby girl. I am doing TONS of school work to get ready to head into my classroom (because it is finally done being cleaned) and I am mentally preparing for everything I have coming up in front of me. I am painting the second bookcase that was made for me by my friend A's husband! I can't wait to get it finished and set up in the classroom!

So here's to preparing for fall ... and hoping the 90 degree heat begins to do the same thing. But first, let me go take care of the most important thing... because if I don't that tennis ball will be dropped at my feet approximately 252 times.

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  1. What amazing pictures! Good luck on your school year...I'll be student teaching so I am right there with you!