Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mac is Back!

Well, I missed a few blogging days because of a near catastrophe with my computer. It would have been a catastrophe had my wonderful husband not purchased the apple protection plan. Now, let me give you some history on this computer before I get into the story. A few weeks after Christmas, my husband surprised me with the love of my life, my mac. I had wanted one for longer than anyone should want something or complain about wanting something.

After we had the computer for about a week...all hell broke loose. My husband spilled soda on the laptop. I was so devastated that I cried! YES, I cried over a laptop. I know what you must be thinking, but it is just that it was so beautiful and new - I didn't want anything to be wrong with it. Anyway,  the keys were really sticky and horrible, but it worked. Until the next morning that is, the computer would not even turn on! So superman (aka Dobbie) took the laptop back to the Christiana mall in Delaware. Somehow, he worked his magic and I got a new hard drive and a new keyboard. He must be one sweet talker because liquid damage is the worst thing you could mention at Apple. They will look at you like you have the black plague. Dobbie did his thing and just like that - it was back to being brand new and wonderful.

Ok, fast forward 8 months. Last night, my computer wouldn't respond. We know how to take care of our things ... I promise! I don't know what happened. After 8 months, my wonderful new macbook pro just plain old stopped working - along with my heart and breathing. The laptop is my life blood! I am ashamed to tell you how much time I actually spend on it. However, after a few hours at the Apple store today, I am back up and running!!!!! I was so happy that I got the new hard drive I needed and I didn't have to ship it anywhere. I did lose some pictures and files, but all in all I am a happy girl.

Hello Love, I am happy to have you back!
Even my Dudes was upset the computer wasn't working...

What's Wrong Mom?

So the moral of the story...back up all of your stuff! I finally got my external hard drive today, and I plan on using it! At least, I didn't lost any pictures of Baby Kay yet. I would have been a complete mess.

So now as I sit on my "new" laptop, I am wondering what I should do first...tutorials for work, lesson plans for work, schedules for work or welcome letters for work...hmmm.... maybe I should have had it shipped somewhere!

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