Monday, April 25, 2011

Visit With Friends

This weekend, we had such a great time with great friends. My friend Angela (aka superwoman) and her family had my sweet little family over for dinner. When we arrived, the Lloyd sisters met us with hugs at the door. They were so happy to see Baby Kay. Look at these cuties.

The girls took to Dave quickly too! He loved playing with them and watching them together. Daddy is so great with all kids so I am not surprised. I LOVED having our families together. It made me look forward to the future with our kids playing together and growing close. Daddy and I talked the whole way home about how cute the girls were and the funny things they do and say. It made my heart pang for another little girl so Kay will have a sister.

I can see them in a few years ... the three amigos causing trouble. 
It was our first grilling day of the year! It had rained all day, but when we got to the Lloyd's house it was beautiful! Lucky us! Dinner was great and wait until you see the dessert that superwoman made. She amazes me. Seriously. When does she have the time? I don't know, but I sure am glad she did because the cake was frickin' awesome. OMG to die for...go here for a peek at the deliciousness.

Thanks for having us Lloyd family! We love you and we are looking forward to a very special bowling party!

The Lloyd sisters with their momma! 

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  1. We, too, had a WONDERFUL time! We should do it more often!!! I can't wait until summer when we can swim too!! The thought of our girls growing up together makes me smile...I wouldn't want anything different! I am so happy, thrilled, blessed....that our paths you guys too!! xoxoxoxo