Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Means One Thing...

Tomorrow is Friday! I love Fridays especially when there are exciting things to look forward to on the weekend. This weekend we will celebrate an extra special 5th birthday at a bowling alley, and then we will be heading down the shore for our first overnight of what I hope will be many this summer. I have the waffle maker packed and ready to go for our first Sunday morning shore breakfast.

I am a little worried that it will put me in summer mode because I still have about 7 weeks of school left to mentally prepare for.  It should go rather quickly because this is the busiest time of year for a teacher. I am trying to squeeze in as much teaching as I can before end of the year assessments, getting ready for next year's placements, report cards, etc. 7 weeks are going to fly by!

This weekend will be Baby Kay's first trip to Ocean City. I am sure she won't see or do much, but it is just an exciting feeling to know that she will grow up with so many wonderful memories from her trips to the shore.

Tonight, I was going through some old pictures of Kay, and I cannot believe how much she has changed in 6 short months. In some of the pictures, she looks scary small so much so that I can't even post them. I am excited to take pictures of her this summer and compare how much she has grown.

I cannot wait for her 6 month appointment. At the appointment, she will be closer to 7 months, but it was the only time we could get an appointment with the doctor of our choice. I have been dying to get there and hear all about how wonderfully my baby girl is doing. She eats like a champ, sleeps fabulously through the night, and is a happy, healthy baby on a nice schedule. Could she be any more perfect?

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