Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

My baby girl entered this world half a year ago! WOW! Today, she turned 6 months old. I expect her to do a lot changing, a lot of developing, and a lot of growing this month because every and any time I ask when I can expect her to do something, I always here the same answer ..."6 months."

"When will she be able to    fill in the blank   ?" "Oh, 6 months" Why do people always say that?

So this must be a big month!

Happy 6 Months sweet baby girl.

At 6 months you...

* are wearing size 2 diapers.

* weight 14.3 pounds!

* are wearing 3-6 clothes and you just started wearing 9 month Carter's pajamas. You have SO many 6-12 month clothes that I am dying to put you in, but you just aren't quite there yet. It is okay though because they are mostly summer clothes. This weekend, I may just rearrange your dressers and closet and get all of the 6-12 month clothes ready to wear. You are so very close.

* eat like a champ! You have a bottle in the morning at 6:30. You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then you have a bottle before bed.
For breakfast you eat - oatmeal and fruit plus a small bottle
For lunch you eat - veggies and fruit plus a small bottle
For dinner you eat - veggies plus a small bottle
You have tried pears and bananas. You have tried carrots, sweet potatoes,  and peas. Next, you will have some apples and some winter squash.

* go to sleep at 7:30. You love your bedtime routine and you go to sleep so nicely for mommy and daddy. You started sleeping on your belly! You are much more comfortable that way.

* are truly a happy, smiling baby. You just smile and smile. You love to see your family and you love to play.

* are so beautiful. You have the cutest dimples anyone has ever laid eyes on and your peach fuzz hair makes everyone swoon.

* are starting to get a tooth. You have been drooling so bad your little chin is so dry and sore. You have had a runny nose for a few days and a diaper rash.

* LOVE your mommy and daddy and we LOVE you!
Happy Happy to you!

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