Sunday, April 3, 2011

Road Trip

I am curled up in bed with my sweet baby curled up in her crib. The sun hasn't even fully set yet. My eyes are slowly dropping and I know I should be planning for my last observation of the year, but I would rather read blogs and look through pictures from the weekend. The last load of laundry is in the dryer, the suitcases and duffel bags are put away, and all of our toiletries are back in their usual places. Our wonderful but super fast trip to Syracuse is over.

My sweet hubby made the trip with me so that I wouldn't have to be away from the baby because I was going to help a friend celebrate her bridal shower! We left Friday right after school and we got out of Philly quickly before all of the rush hour traffic. The drive was pretty easy and seemed quick. This little bambino of ours didn't make a peep! We were greeted with such a warm welcome from our gracious hosts...minus the Mets gear on the bed! We pretty much went right to sleep when we got there. We were so tired from a dreadful week of work.

Saturday, we ran around like crazy! We did find time to enjoy a few moments in the morning to spend with Baby Kay and my new buddy Max.

I love when my Aunt Claire feeds me! 
Monkey, I love you.

Why are they taking me away from those pears?!? They are delish and nutrish.

After feeding and loving on the baby, it was a race until the last minute to get ready for the shower. We had to run to the mall for a few last minute items...literally...we didn't have one minute to spare. As Claire and I raced to get ready, the boys and little girl relaxed and chilled.

Ready or not...time to go.

After saying goodbye to this little munchkin, we ran out the door. We were in such a rush to get there on time, I forgot my camera :( The shower was so beautiful. It was at the Country Club right on the lake, and it was so pretty! Everything was so perfect for our friend. She looked beautiful and happy, and she handled it all like a champ with the help of chugging some wine. I am so excited for the wedding! 3 months to get in shape!!!!

Baby Kay showed off her rolling skills the whole weekend. She was the best baby a mommy could ask for. She was just the most perfect little girl. She didn't cry or get fussy. She pretty much smiled and giggled the whole time. She loved her host and hostess, and she LOVED Max. She stared at the dog and smiled at him. She was great in the car too. I love showing off this baby.

It was such a quick trip. I didn't get to do half of the things I wanted to do. Daddy and I are going to plan another trip up very soon! Claire and Mike thanks for everything! Baby Kay had a great time on her first road trip!

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