Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Forget About This Little Girl...

All she wants is some love and attention. She has been doing so well with Baby Kay. She ignores her for the most part! Every now and then, she will sniff her face or lick her hand. I guess that is all we could ask for. Lexi seems to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder, but she is slowly coming out of it.

She has rejoined the ranks of camp Lexi. She is no longer sleeps alone in the front room.

This little sweetie is just looking for some activity. With the warm weather, I owe this good girl some long walks, some frisbee and chuck-it throwing at the park, and some swims in the lake. I promise little girl that I will make the past few months up to you. I tried to start yesterday, but she could see through me. A few lame attempts at frisbee throwing in the backyard doesn't get me very far, but it is better than nothing.

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