Saturday, April 9, 2011


Sorry it has been a tiring week, but we are still here. We are missing our Daddy today because he is in Denver for a few days. I am sure he misses this cutie pie too.

The weather is starting to change. I hope we are not in the market for any more April showers in the coming days. I am ready to take this show outside. I want to reenergize, refocus, and I want to feel motivated. I am looking for that "I can tackle the world feeling," and I know it comes with the change in weather. At least, the "oh s-h-i-t I have to get in a bathing suit in 2 months feeling will help get me in gear. I have been feeling kind of crappy lately so I could really use some rejuvenation.

It is so funny how when you are pregnant everyone asks about you. They ask how you are feeling and they cater to you. Then, the baby comes into this world not only your mindset changes to put her above all of your own needs, but everyone else's does too. Now, it is "how is the baby?" I love how she has become the center of the universe...yes she IS the center of the universe. "How is the baby?" She is wonderful, but my body is still whacked out almost 6 months later and no one is interested!

My hair is falling out. I mean hair is thin enough already. I need every last strand I have. Maybe I should wipe it up off of the bathroom floor and try to make some joke...there is that much after I blow dry it. It pretty much disgusts me and my husband.

I have had a headache for a few months now. I had a migraine a few weeks ago. A bad one with seeing spots and all, and now I have had this dull headache. At first, I thought it was from upping my caffeine intake by like a gajillion, but I don't think that is it. I think my body still just isn't right after having the bambino.

I am also having some weird allergy, reaction, arthiritic moment...who the heck knows what is going on, but my hands are swelling and my joints are aching like crazy. The other day I couldn't wear my wedding rings because my hands were killing me. I am going to have to get bloodwork done to rule out Lyme disease and some other things. It is a little scary, but I am sure it is just something odd.

I am ready to get back to my old, semi-healthy self. With spring and summer on the horizon, it is the perfect time to do it. Now, I will have some company as I get myself moving again!

This little girl is moving like crazy so she will be a good partner. She is a rolling machine!

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