Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Did I ever mention how much I love a fresh start? My excitement builds at the prospect of a new beginning, the possibilities. A time to rejuvenate and renew. You can recommit yourself to your existing passions and explore new interests. I am excited for this year. 

Hopefully, this little blog will be buzzing with our escapades this year. I like blogging, but I LOVE going back and reading my thoughts and looking at the pictures of past posts. Especially since Keira was born. I love going back to remember my time with Kay at this age. I like to compare how we spend our days. I like to compare their features, stats, and expressions. 

I love taking pictures and documenting our lives. Since I stopped blogging I haven't taken as many pictures, and I regret it. My sweet Baby Keira is just too cute, and I need to make sure I take as many pictures as I can to capture her beauty before she continues to grow and grow and grow! She is my big girl. I can't wait to dust off my camera and continue exploring my interest in photography.

I have so many things I want to accomplish this year from health and fitness goals to career goals and so much in between. I have so many things I want to enjoy. 

Most importantly, I want to enjoy my family. So I will start today snuggling and holding this little girl every chance I get.

Keira - 13 weeks

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