Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Things

Happy Thursday all! One more day until weekend bliss. We are loving on some new things over here this week.

Garlic Hummus & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
We are huge fans of hummus in our house. A healthy snack/lunch that even my P-I-C-K-Y toddler will devour. Lately, we have been making our own delicious hummus. I finally found the easiest recipe that works for us. This recipe is easy, fast, and delicious. I have found that if I reserve some of the liquid from the chick peas (I use canned) and add it in then my hummus has an even smoother texture.

What is the key to great homemade hummus you ask. You have to peel the skins of the chick peas. It sucks, I know. The google machine told me to do it so I tried. Now every time I do it, I am thankful I did... but it is a pain. I start off with the best intentions and motivation, and by the time I am halfway through, I want to dump those little suckers in the food processor skins and all. I usually stick with it, and I have myself a delicious velvety snack. Yummy. So if you want your hummus to be the best ever, peel the skins my friends.

We love this stuff. I will never buy hummus again until I go back to work and don't have time for this shit. Next up, I definitely want to try Baba Ghanoush. Mmmm, I love all things Mediterranean. 

Those who know me, know my love of Lauren Conrad. I am slightly obsessed. I just can't get over how she took her reality show fame and created an empire. I even have a Pinterest Board dedicated to her and her fabulousness. She is making inexpensive clothes for Kohl's these days. I needed a few things that will actually fit my post baby self  for my return to work and I found myself loving her stuff at Kohl's. 


Super cute tops for less than $30 bucks! While, I am not a big Kohl's shopper, being out of work for 7 months puts a damper on one's wallet (that's where mom swoops in to the rescue). Seriously, I am surprised it took me this long to get on the LC Kohl's bandwagon. 

How rocker chick is this? We love this tricycle. A birthday gift from our favorite Aunt, this here bike is awesome. My father in law put blocks on the wheels so my sweet little girl can reach, and we are working with her to teach her how to ride it. I think the practice is helping her leg strength because she is starting to have success walking up the steps one step at a time without putting her hands down. Unfortunately, she constantly wants me to ride on the back. "Mommy is too big" 100 times a day can really do a number on one's self esteem.

4. Mama OT

I am obsessed with this momma's blog. She has tons of great ideas for development and play. I love how she offers her advice in a way that doesn't seem overwhelming or judgmental. Nothing worse, than looking at homemade playdough on Pinterest and feeling like a huge failure in life and parenting. She gives great tips for an infant's development and strength. LOVE her blog.

5. My watchdog. 

This boy will sleep outside of the girls' rooms while they nap. He will also jump all over you when you enter my house. Teddy, our lovable rescue pup, is making his blog debut today. After our spunky Lexi went to doggie heaven, our home felt empty without a dog. This summer, I started fostering again for Puppies and More Rescue, and I had this little boy in my home.

Well, that was that and now Teddy is a loving member of our family. 

He tries to be a good boy.

6. Sweet sparkling blue eyes. Who couldn't love those eyes. or those lips. or those cheeks. or her smell. or ... I could go on forever over here. I'm goo goo for Gaga.

And I will leave you with a little Where's Waldo Game courtesy of Kay. TGI almost F!

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  1. Oh my, the last picture with the baby dolls is priceless!