Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday's Things

It is Thursday. Thursday of my last week. Thursday of my last week at home on maternity leave. I'll leave you with that.

Some of our things this week...

Nursery School
This week, we are simply enjoying being home as a family before I head back to my teaching job. Thinking about work and trying to squeeze as much as I can in this week has left me a little frazzled. With my brain in a million different places, I have been very forgetful. In my desire to enjoy time at home, yesterday, we were supposed to visit a preschool for Kay next year, and I completely forgot. It was on my calendar, and I just didn't remember. Who does that? I am so bummed because now I won't be able to check out the preschool during the day when kids are present.

It's okay, I wasn't prepared to look at school for my two year old. Seems insane, but I have to start making plans for next year with child care and school even though I don't have the next four months quite secure.

Mom of the Year over here.

Working It
I am happy with the progress I made at the gym. This week, I really pushed myself because I am scared that once I head back to work, our schedule will really change.

Like I said, I still have a long way to go, but with every run, I feel better and better. I am not going to mention how I had to take two days off this week because I was so sore from a Body Works Class that I could barely walk. 

I am currently obsessed with Girls on HBO. I have watched the entire first season in a few days, and I am on to Season 2. It is hysterical. All I can say is, I am so happy that I am out of my early 20's...

Pumping, Pumping, Pumping
I have been hooked to my pump for the past few weeks because I am trying to save as much BM as I can before heading back to work. I am loving these bottles. Hubby got some for free at a trade show, and we tried them and it is all I will use while I am at work so I had to stock up.

Nighttime Sorrows

For the past few nights, this little girl has been needing some extra TLC after being put to bed. She goes to bed easily then within 20 minutes she is calling for "my daddy" and standing in her crib staring at the door. Doesn't that break your heart? We had to give her a little tough love last night, so we will see how tonight goes!

So that's what is happening around here. Not much new or exciting, as we are just taking it all in. I hope everyone is gearing up for the weekend! 

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