Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday's Things

Thursday, Thursday. Some of our things this week...

Lazy Mornings
Trying to soak up the last of our lazy mornings. No more room on Mommy's lap for a little snuggle time. I am cherishing every second of it!

I've been heading back to the gym. 4 months post baby and I am up to 4 miles in 40 minutes... not too shabby. Long way to go though.

Have I mentioned that I need a treadmill? I would have loved to get to the gym everyday, but with hubby's work schedule and travel schedule, it just didn't work out. At least I have Jillian to kick my booty at home on days when I just can't make it to the gym.
Love this DVD for a quick home workout while the kids nap! Up next, I am going to give yoga a whirl. I am hoping it will help strengthen and stretch my back that has been giving me problems.

Panini Press 
I am loving my new panini press that I got for Christmas! It is so easy to make your typical grilled cheese, but oh baby, this thing can produce so much more deliciousness than that. This week, we had patty melts from good old PW! Oh nelly, pure good thing I ran 4 miles that day heaven. We had some other random deliciousness too. I have my panini Pinterest board all hooked up, and I can't wait to keep on indulging in grilled glory.

Poor Teddy Boy
He has a huge scrape on his nose. One day, he came in from outside with it, and it looks painful. We have been putting Neosporin on it. Poor guy. It is starting to look better and now he is just missing some hair!

And yes, this is how he rides in the car. He is ridiculous. I can't even get dressed or he is in my face and barking at me because he thinks we are going somewhere. He is a maniac. He tries to be a good boy.

Tummy Time
We are still working on tummy time over here. This baby has NO interest in trying to do a mini pushup. She just lays there with her head on the mat and puts her tush up in the air. She is a stinker. I can't believe I actually snapped this pic because this is a rare occurrence. I probably propped her up that way and she held it for a few seconds. She will just not use her chest and arms to push up. Any suggestions for me to help her get stronger?

It has been a great week! Happy almost Friday all!

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